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The Mirela & Associates' National State Board Esthetician Exam Video is the only comprehensive practical exam preparation media available.

National Esthetician Practical Examination DVD 

ATTENTION California Practical State exam will change to National Examination Standards starting October the 1st 2011 This DVD is according to demands after October 1st 2011 , students programmed for examination after October 1st 2011. The International School of Beauty Esthetician National Exam Video is the only comprehensive practical exam preparation media available.


The National State Board Esthetician video covers the complete practical exam from start to finish. Learn the proper techniques for all of the Esthetician exam requirements.

Sections covered in this easy-to-follow video are:

  • Supplies & Materials Needed For the Exam
  • Disinfection Procedures
  • Client Draping & Safety
  • Sanitary Maintenance Area (SMA) Setup
  • Facial With Scrub Assignment
  • Facial With Derma Light Assignment
  • Pre-Disposition Test (PD Test) Assignment
  • Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing Assignment
  • Eyelash Application Assignment
  • Make-Up Application Assignment
  • Clean-Up Procedures

All video segments are performed by California licensed instructors who specialize in State Board Exam preparation.

This video is ideal for both current students and beauty school graduates who are planning on taking the National State Board Esthetician Exam.

Don't show up on your exam date unprepared! Order the Esthetician Exam Preparation video today and learn to the proper techniques to pass your exam with flying colors!

Video Duration: 1 Hour 22 Minutes
Formats: DVD (NTSC)
Produced By: International School of Beauty


Price: $39.95

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****Do you have questions about the exam application process, your exam date or model requirements? Click here to visit our State Board Exam Frequently Asked Questions page for helpful information on preparing for your National State Board Esthetician Exam.****

























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